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Design and Artwork by Ayo

3d scenes for "Cartes collection" by SG

12/10/2008 - posted in gallery

cartes bancaires affinitaires et co-brandees. Cartes bancaires design et colorees. cartes de paiements Societe Generalepics et images gallerypics et images gallery
Since june 2008, Société Générale's customers can "update" their credit card with a brand new colorfull picture on it (which I was not unfortunately the author :-| ). In order to reveal and enhance this small plactics rectangles which mean so much to us, I designed several 3d scenes with blender. Then web banners and web pages were based on this materials.
Posted by :Zubayda
2012/12/12 15:17 #1
Hi, we are a big company and we would like to buy your top right picture to our site. Can we know more details and how we can go ahead. Thanks.
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