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Sutafrenzy, a free puzzle game for android !

17/06/2015 - posted in divers

gratuit android jeu play store reflexion sutafrenzy
Sutafrenzy is a free to play and fun short term memory game. Your objective is to remind a growing sequence of numbers.

Memorize sequence and repeat it the same order until your memory allows it or until you make a mistake.

First watch, then repeat sequence as fast as you can to get the all the points you deserve, to get to the next level up and make the best score ever !
Share your best scores with your friends and challenge their memory, will you do the longest numbers sequence ?
Watch out ! as time is limited keep an eye on bonus to grab while touching pads. Bonus allow you to multiply your score, get extra-lifes and joker replay.
SutaFrenzy is simple and entertaining game and its totally free !
Enjoy it's lively color and its sweet music right now !

play store


A long time ago ... souvenirs & nostalgie.

15/07/2012 - posted in blog

.. wip ...

iky.fr, raccourcissez solidaire !

18/03/2012 - posted in divers

iky.fr raccourci twitter facebook solidaire
Effectivement, pas ou peu de créas ces derniers temps, mais un choupi ça en occupe pas mal :)

Bref, petit billet pour évoquer un raccourcisseur d'url sur lequel je bosse et dont la vocation est d'être solidaire !

En effet, chaque raccourci créé via le site http://iky.fr permet (au choix) de faire passer l'internaute sur une page intermédiaire durant 5 minuscules secondes afin de découvrir un bandeau qui pointe vers une association caritative.

Avec ces raccourcis, chaque internaute donne si il le souhaite de la visiblité à une asso, c'est pas grand chose mais plus le lien est partagé plus ça aide ! et c'est moins chère que de faire du adwords :)
Parlez-en autour de vous ! ayez le réflexe http://iky.fr !


Free8Lite for Nokia N8 & Freebox

08/01/2011 - posted in divers

freebox nokia n8 telecommande wifi freebox v5
Si vous êtes l'heureux possesseur d'un nokia N8 et abonné Free ou Alice (freebox v5) vous allez pouvoir utliser votre mobile pour télécommander votre freebox, simplement via votre réseau wifi.

Pour cela, télécharger sur Ovi Store l'application Free8Lite, que je vous ai développé entre 2 biberons et 3 couches :-)

Une fois installée, configurez l'application comme suit :


Mise à jour 1.5 avec programmes TV : Free Lite 1.5.
Plus d'infos. sur Free8lite.net.

Think Android !

11/10/2010 - 11h30 - posted in wallpaper

It is certainly not the hardest 3d modeling I have ever had to make using Blender, but I had to say that the final result is nice ^_^.
On the way of inspiration, here are 2 wallpapers on the topic of Android with a wink to the fruit of Cupertino!

Enjoy @+, Ayo

Société Générale website "à la Android"

09/12/2010 - posted in gallery

Android, appli, banque, societe generale, bugdroid
To mark the release of the apps : l'APPLI by Societe Generale for Android OS, I did a website skin (background + banner) full of bugdroids everywhere, everywhere, using blender 2.49 & Gimp !

As a reminder this bank apps is 8 functions in 1 application (the gauge, my accounts, stock, expenses, geolocation, simulators, converter, in case of emergency).

Disney acquires Marvel !

12/09/2009 - 00h00 - posted in wallpaper

Here are some new wallpapers based on Marvel comics super-hero: Daredevil ! As Disney acquires recently Marvel it inspired to sketch Daredevil, even if my first favorite super-hero is Iron-man. C'ant w8 to see number 2!
This artwork has been done using inkscape.
Enjoy @+, Ayo